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Memorial Baptist Church
141 Bishop Preston R. Washington, Sr. Place
(W. 115th St)
New York, NY 10026
Phone 212-663-8830

Founded November 10, 1935, Memorial Baptist Church has spent over 70 years of being committed to Christ and connected to Community.

Memorial's mission is to give visible form to the mission, faith and fellowship to which God's people have been called. We acknowledge ourselves to be a local manifestation of the universal Church, in and through which Jesus Christ continues to minister to the world, through the power of God and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Each Sunday, we are happy to welcome tour groups with worshippers from across the globe. Whether you are part of a group or visiting alone; whether you are from another country, or from the tri-state area, you are always welcome at Memorial. Groups are invited to reserve space by calling 212.663.8830


Cathedral of St John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Avenue
at W. 112th Street
New York, NY 10025
Phone 212-316-7540 

The Cathedral St. John the Divine "is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. Over 600 feet in length, the Statue of Liberty would fit comfortably under its central dome. It is the seat of the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and is "mother church " of the Diocese. Charted as a "house of worship for all peoples," its cornerstone was laid over a century ago as immigrants from dozens of nations thronged to the newly-built Ellis Island, and barons of wealth such as J.P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor and Irvin Bloomingdale dominated New York and the Nation."

Canaan Baptist Church of Christ
132 W. 116th Street
Between Lenox & 7th Aves.
New York, NY 10026
Phone 212-866-0301
Fax 212-865-6150
Canaan's services are intentionally spirited and full of the vitality traditional to the African-American religious experience. The combination of music, with the imprimatur of Gospel, and dynamic preaching produces a worship experience that is intellectually challenging as well as emotionally satisfying.

Abyssinian Baptist Church
132 W. 138th Street (Odell Clark Place)
between Adam Clayton Powell and Malcolm X Boulevards, also known as 7th and Lenox Avenues
New York, NY 10030
Phone 212-862-7474
Fax 212-862-3255

Abyssinian Baptist Church, led by Dr. Rev. Calvin Butts, is committed to move forward in faith for the maintenance and expansion of its continuing Christian mission. He was one of the founders of Abyssinian Development Corporation, a comprehensive community-based organization, responsible for over $300 million in housing and commercial development in Harlem, and continues to help guide and support the daily operation of this not-for-profit organization.


Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th Street
New York, NY 10025
Phone 212-864-5400
fax 212-932-3228 

Symphony Space fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, literary, and film programs that bring artists and audiences together in an atmosphere of exploration and intimacy. Symphony Space reaches audiences throughout New York City, the wider metropolitan area, and – through distribution of programs via media such as radio, recordings, podcasts and touring - the nation.

Approximately 150,000 people attend events at Symphony Space each year.