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Major Community Service Organizations

The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce (GHCC)

Originally incorporated in 1886 as the Harlem Board of Trade, is now in its 3rd century of continued services to the Upper Manhattan area in general and the New York region in particular. Our Chamber has served as an anchor of continued stability bridging the periods of urban neglect to the future of urban prosperity. The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce has in the past thirty years particularly focused on the renaissance and revitalization of upper Manhattan. Today, the mission of our Chamber is to improve the quality of life for all of our residents, as well as to develop and attract quality business and professional services.

We are pleased that our Chamber dramatically continues to attract an ever-growing local, regional, national and international support base, ranging form single proprietors to fortune 500 Corporations. Our 2000 plus members consist of those who wish to contribute to and thrive from Harlem’s world-renowned vitality and recognition as a worldwide tourist, entertainment, sports, arts, cultural, educational, historic, religious, business and health services destination of international diversity. 

Harlem Community Development Corporation
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.State Office Building
163 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
Telephone 212.961.4100
Fax 212.961.4143 “Harlem CDC”), a New York State agency, was created in 1995 to serve the greater Harlem community, including East Harlem, Central Harlem, West Harlem and Washington Heights, through planning and facilitating the development of a range of community development projects and revitalization initiatives that will restore Upper Manhattan as an economically stable and culturally vibrant community.

To implement its mission, Harlem CDC targets the redevelopment of vacant or underutilized commercial and residential property. Its goal in this regard is to attract new businesses, retain and grow existing businesses, provide access to homeownership opportunities and create employment opportunities for Upper Manhattan residents.

Harlem CDC also seeks to empower local Harlem businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can more fully participate in new and ongoing business opportunities.

 (*) Recently Added


Tracing the evolution of HARLEM WEEK, now thirty five years old (1974), is very simple— it began as HARLEM DAY, a one-day tribute that was so astonishingly and unexpectedly successful that more days were needed to showcase the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history, to say nothing of the current, ever increasing artistic talent in Harlem. Above all, HARLEM DAY—in its unique way—was a day of encouragement and fellowship for New Yorkers in general and Harlemites in particular, many of whom had struggled for some years to see a positive future for Urban America.

Like many great ventures, it took only a small group of concerned residents to come together to bring about change. The Harlem partisans of the seventies who created HARLEM WEEK were turning instinctively to the cultural strength that was seeping from every nook and cranny, from Sugar Hill to East Harlem. Their mission was to put Harlem back at the forefront of urban, cultural, ethnic, educational, political, recreational and religious leadership, and as you can see from the previous years of bounty, HARLEM WEEK has carved out a remarkable niche in the nation’s major listings of annual happenings.

Each year HARLEM WEEK produces new activities highlighting another of the many positive and relevant aspects of the African-American, Latino, Caribbean-American, and European-American cultures of Harlem. In fact, in the same way that Black History Month is celebrated for more than four weeks, HARLEM WEEK is more than a week, with many key events celebrated quite joyously throughout all of August and beyond. And thanks to the unforgettable appearance of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe at HARLEM WEEK, and the appearance of Nelson Mandela soon after his historic election to the Presidency of South Africa, HARLEM WEEK has gone on to acquire international cachet.

Over the course of 35 years, HARLEM WEEK has become one of America’s largest cultural celebrations. Each year, we attract millions of individuals to Harlem, the world’s most famous neighborhood to share our traditions, new trends, and that incomparable joie de vivre, which is nothing more than “Harlem Style.”

The Upper Manhattan
Empowerment Zone
290 Lenox Avenue, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10027\
Phone:    (212) 410-0030
Fax: (212) 410-9083

Our mission is to sustain the economic revitalization of all communities in Upper Manhattan through job creation, corporate alliances, strategic investments and small business assistance.